How to Choose the Best Cordless Drills

Cordless drills are the current favorite of homeowners today. The drills are ideal for various jobs ranging from woodworking, brickworking and even metalworking. However, that doesn’t mean that homeowners should purchase the first cordless drill that they see. The fact is that these items come in different types and it’s important to choose one that would best fit the user’s needs. That being said, following are some tips on how to choose the best cordless drills.


When it comes to power, corded drills are actually better than cordless ones. However, that doesn’t mean that cordless units aren’t as good – in fact they’re better for most home improvement jobs. Basically, cordless drill batteries are the main consideration when it comes to power, usually ranging from 9.6 to volts. Obviously, higher batteries are capable of providing better strength for drilling in harder materials. It also means the batteries would take longer before running out of power. Note that higher voltages mean a heavier drill.

Type and Features

The good news is that there are currently different types of drills for buyers to choose from. There’s the cordless hammer drill, cordless sds drill and even cordless combi drills. Hence, there’s no need to worry about not finding the right drill for the job. Of course, the type of drill isn’t the only consideration here.

Take note of the features of the product and compare them with each other. Some of the basic features necessary in every drill include the reversible motor and the dual speed motor. Reversible is used for drilling out screws rather than drilling them in while the dual speed allows the user to adjust the pace of their work. There are also keyless chucks and keyed chuck, which refers to the drill bits. A keyless allows for faster changing of drill bits but the keyed chuck is more secure.


Most cordless drills range around£ 80 to £900 depending on the make and model. Fortunately, most brands like Makita power tools are priced low but still have the essential features mentioned above. Browse as much as possible before actually deigning to buy a unit. Set a budget for the purchase.

Consider how often the item will be used and for what. If it is for specific chores from time to time, a cheaper drill will be better. However, hobbyists or those who are in the middle of big projects should go for something stronger and usually, more expensive. As mentioned, some cordless drills are good enough that they are inexpensive and quality-built so try browsing for those.

When still unsure, consider the shape and weight of the product. Does it look like it would be comfortable to hold for seconds at a time? More importantly, how does it feel when the drill is used above head – like drilling screws on the ceiling? If purchasing online, check to see how much the drill weighs and try carrying something that heavy to understand how it would feel. Of course, don’t forget to read as many reviews as possible about cordless drills before finally deciding on a unit.

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