Panasonic Power Tools – Just Remember How Good They Are

Panasonic Power Tools are one of the leading brands of cordless tools.Panasonic IP Range of Power Tools Their IP (intelligent power) range of tools is one of the best there is at surviving the job site environment.

Panasonic is renowned for developing intelligent Power Tools to fill all the needs required by today’s professional user. All tools are developed to be a compact size with amazing performance. Panasonic’s Tough Tool IP range have been developed to offer a new level of toughness in the form of resistance to dust and water as recognized under international standards administered by the International Electro technical Commission (IEC).

They go on to describe their battery technology

Leading battery technology – The basis for our revolutionary performance are our Battery Packs which feature many unique developments such as Panasonic Solid Solution technology (PSS), a method in hardening and dissolving key battery component substances such as cobalt and nickel. This dramatically improves the safety and reliability while also achieving greater performance compared to manganese lithium batteries used by many of other manufacturers. Cobalt lithium chemistry benefits from a lower internal resistance, electrical loss, and heat in battery cells. This helps prolong the service life by reducing overheating. Tough Tools IP battery packs individually monitor each battery cell to ensure optimal control. Battery damage is avoided by preventing overcharging, over discharging and overheating.

Panasonic offer cordless power tools with battery voltages of 3.6v through to 28.8v.
The full range of IP Power tools is well presented on their UK website and a fuller description of the IP range is given here

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