Hitachi Power Tools Innovative Design And Site Sturdy Solutions

Hitachi Power Tools are one of the best brands of power tools in the United Kingdom. They have a good track record for innovation and making well designed dependable durable power tools.

Hitachi power tools are a real favourite with trades-men and individuals. This is thanks to the fantastic product range combined with the sturdiness of the products. You should be Hitachi Power Tools mindful that Hitachi Power Tools are constructed and built to last. They will offer you years of hard operating service. A contributing element to this capacity to create sturdy products is the fact that Hitachi Power Tools are only a small component of the Hitachi group and Technology improvements in other areas of Hitachi tend to be shared with other parts of the group.

The Hitachi Group invest a great deal of time and effort in product advancement and bringing new concepts to market. An example is the work performed to lessen harmful vibrations on the operator whilst using drills, saws and grinders. This has been achieved by making use of active damping by means of counter-weights within some saws and drills. Other methods include design of vibration reducing features in power tool grips. It all sounds a little bit unimportant however anyone who has opperated SDS drills and reciprocating saws will know exactly how fatiguing vibrations can end up being. That’s without even contemplating the longer term harm to joints etc.that vibration can easily cause.

Another recent element of effective design innovation is that of brushless motor development. The current tendency is for brands such as Hitachi and Makita to create brushless motor expertise. There implementation is one of the path leaders in brushless technology.Hitachi Brushless Technology

Conventional electric motors employ carbon brushes permitting current to flow over the gap between the rotating and non-rotating parts. Unfortunately the brush must have contact with the turning part. This will cause electrical losses, friction and mechanical wear. Additional power is consequently needed to compensate for the loss due to the brushes. Additionally the control trigger will be of mechanical design giving rise to electrical losses and wear.

At the heart of brushless technology is a micro-processor that adjusts the current to the motor. This has allowed optical switches to be used to replace the traditional mechanical trigger system. This reduces power usage, noise and wear.

Brushless motor technology has transformed the cordless power tool world for better. Decreased power requirements lead to longer battery life.

Brushless technology is a significant development in the power tools world. Giving a stunning 50% increase in battery life over it’s brushed motor equivalent. We are seeing quite a few 18volt cordless brushless power tools being unveiled on the market place offering huge benefits to all.

Don’t be fooled by the poor online presence for Hitachi here in the UK. They are certainly a power tools brand to watch out for.

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