The needs of customers at the heart of Panasonic Power Tools Manufacturing

Konosuke Matsushita founder of Panasonic famously saidKonosuke Matsushita Panasonic Power Tools ‘everything small matters’, and this is apparent in the Panasonic power tools manufacturing process. From small beginnings in 1918, Panasonic has grown into to one of the world’s largest manufacturers. The ethos of the customer’s needs, and staff needs are at the centre of all Panasonic manufacturing, and none less so than in the power tools manufacturing division.

Panasonic Power Tools great reputation

There is a balance of understanding that manufacturing staff producing the power tools such as, power drills, cordless screwdrivers, band saws, fully understand. They realise that the reputation gained over the last 90 odd years hangs on the fact that the customer’s needs are important.

Obvious I hear you say but a sentiment few manufacturers understand. Matsushita’s idea that everything small matters has never more apparent than in the production of Panasonic power tools. Where cheap alternatives could be used on production lines higher quality components are used even if they are out of site, tucked away inside a drill or a circular saw, everything small matters. Panasonic would never do such a thing, and breach the trust of the customer. Failure of a hand held drill or angle grinder, or any power tool is an unacceptable option. This said you can imagine the quality of the power tools you are getting is unsurpassed. This goes part way to explaining why Panasonic power tools are chosen by trade professionals and DIY hobbyists everywhere.

Multi tools, Rotary hammers, jig saws, all crafted from the finest materials available, giving tools that look good, feel good, and above all perform well. The reliability of these tools another reason why they are chosen by so many, who over the years have come to trust in the original vision of Matsushita. Everything worth doing is worth doing 100%. In a strange way this ideal is embodied in the power tool range, and almost filters out in the workmanship these tools produce.

Your chosen power tool does affect the end results you produce, and depending on which product from the range you are using, drill, saw, mixer, helps define the superior quality of the finished job. With Panasonic this superior quality finish is always the option. These high spec tools are truly the King tools, they always perform well, they will never let you down. Whether you are part of a motor way construction crew, or an avid DIY enthusiast, Panasonic tools should be your first choice. Small tools and larger tools all have the same standard of build, and quality workmanship. The fact that only the best quality materials are used in the manufacturing process, guarantees a strong, long lasting product. From hand held cordless range of screwdrivers, angle grinders, stone polishers, rotary hammers, to mains power hammer drills, impact drivers, strippers, the story remains the same, everything small matters.

The spirit of Matsushita still lives on in Panasonic Power tools manufacturing everything worth doing is worth doing 100%.