Makita Power Tools 40 Year Celebration Range of Tools is a Huge Hit

Makita Power Tools UK 40th Anniversary

As part of the 40 year celebrations Makita power tools have launched a range of powerMakita Power Tools 40th tools to commemorate the occasion. As you would expect from Makita the range encompasses the high quality, and robust durability that we have come to associate with this brand.

The range includes the Anniversary Angle grinder, Rotary Hammer, Biscuit jointer, plus a selection of other power tools like the Anniversary Combi Drill. Makita are still managing to launch new products outside of the anniversary range as well, which is testimony to the depth and diversity of this great tool manufacturing company. A firm favourite in the construction industry is the hand held power multi tool. The beauty of the multi tool is the flexibility. What are multi tools? They are as they sound a tool with more than one use. How is this achieved? Well these incredible tools have staggering flexibility due to a variety of different attachments. So the basic multi power tool comes with several different custom tool attachments giving amazing value for money. Attachments include saws, grinders, and polishers. So the idea you buy the one main power tool, and then simply buy the attachment that you need, for the job you need.

There are a variety of multi tools to choose from with varying power sizes being available really depending on the types of job you are looking to undertake. However true to form which ever power tools you choose you will not be disappointed. Attachments are swopped easily and quickly, with the minimum of fuss, an important consideration when time is at a premium.

The ability to be able to swop between sawing and then grinding or polishing in seconds causes minimum disruption to the work flow. The professionals in the trade have been able to maximise work time using these multi tools.

Accessories are not left out of the celebrations either. Celebrating with a 40 piece HSS drill bits, all contained in a sturdy carry case.

Not limited to just HSS drill bits the 40th anniversary range come with a complete range of drill bits including masonry drill bits, and a range of wood drill bits. All containing the mandatory 40 drill bits, and all in a superb carry case, ensuring that drill bits are protected and give years of service.

The 40th anniversary celebration could have served as no more than a fancy PR stunt, but true to form Makita have come up with the goods. Manufacturing a new unique range of high quality power tools that not only serve as a lasting memory of this company’s rich history, but also provide a lasting legacy to those who purchase from this celebratory range of tools. So all in all again we salute Makita on a superb range of drills, saws, polishers, and multi tools. We congratulate them on producing another excellent addition to the Makita Power tool range. Here is to the next 40 years.